Panasonic 4K Professional Camcorder HC-X1

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Leica Dicomar 4K Lens

Panasonic designed the HC-X1 to deliver the most lifelike video footage possible and the camera’s Leica Dicomar 4K lens is one of the crucial components to achieving this. The lens was specially designed for the HC-X1 and it holds a sharp image throughout the camera’s long 24mm-480mm zoom range. This enables videographers to continuously zoom from a wide shot all the way in to a tight shot of a subject hundreds of feet away without worrying about the camera losing focus and becoming blurry.

20x Optical Zoom

The optical 20x zoom lens covers a range from 24mm wide-angle to 480mm telescopic (35mm film equivalent at 4K 24p). This long zoom range adds versatility to the camera by allowing videographers to capture wide establishing shoots as well as tight close-ups without having to worry about lens changes. And, because lens relies on optical zoom without any sort of digital augmentation, there’s no deterioration in image quality while tightening in on a subject.

4-Drive Lens System

The HC-X1 comes complete with a 4-Drive Lens System that simultaneously and independently drives 4 lens groups. Lens size and drive range for each of the 4 groups can be efficiently suppressed to optimize image quality and zoom power.

Advanced O.I.S.

With the HC-X1 O.I.S., the correction area has been expanded to approximately 900%. This means the camera provides powerful correction even in unstable shooting situations, and greatly improves correction for small-amplitude hand-shake.

5-Axis Hybrid O.I.S.

By using hand-shake correction that combines the effects of both optical and electronic image stabilization in HD shooting modes, hand-shake in various directions, including roll rotation, is detected and corrected.

4K 1.0-inch MOS Sensor

The 1.0-inch MOS sensor built into the HC-X1 is ideal for high-precision, high-speed 4K 60p/50p recording. The effective MOS (approx. 9.46 megapixels in 4K 24p, and approx. 8.79 megapixels in UHD/FHD) offers an appropriate depth of field and excellent balance between image quality and sensitivity. Thanks to this sensor, 4K 24p, UHD 60p/50p, FHD 60p/50p multi-format, and HD 120-fps (59.94Hz)/100-fps (50Hz) super slow-motion recording are all possible.

Intelligent Autofocus

The HC-X1’s precise autofocus (AF) performance is achieved by moving the micro drive focus unit minutely and quickly. AF can customize by adjusting AF Speed, AF Sensitivity and AF Area to best accommodate the subject type or application.

Dual SD Memory Card Slots

Two SD card slots enable unlimited relay recording by simply changing SD cards as they fill up with video. This means shooters can capture uninterrupted, ultra-high definition footage of sporting events, weddings, graduations or other special occasions that may last for hours. The dual memory card design also allows users to record the same footage to two memory cards as once.

  • 1.0-inch MOS image sensor
  • Captures 4K ultra-high definition footage
  • 20x optical zoom capability for wide angle and telephoto shots
  • Leica Dicomar lens holds focus through 24-480mm zoom range
  • Smart AF can be customized subject type and application
  • Dual SD Card slots for relay and simultaneous recording
  • Hybrid optical image stabilization corrects hand-shake on 5-axis
  • 4-drive lens system can be customized
  • Panasonic HC-X1 4K Ultra High Definition Professional Camcorder

Panasonic 4K Professional Camcorder HC-X1