Technics SL-1000R Turntable System

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With the 88.7-pound SL-1000R, everything begins with the double-coil twin rotor-type coreless direct-drive motor that attains 12-pole, 18-coil drive and high enough torque to drive the massive 17.4-pound platter. By offsetting the coils on both sides 60 degrees, the rigidity of the substrate improves, suppressing fine vibrations and reducing self-inductance. In technical terms, the designs allow ultra-stable rotation with less than 0.015% wow and flutter – considered to be the measurement limit. In addition to SL-1000R offering a motor with an extremely low center of gravity, the reinforced thrust bearings supporting the platter use a custom-created plastic to supply extra rigidity and reliability. To further suppress motor vibration, two stainless-steel weights with high specific gravity are placed at the bottom of the chassis to maintain the preferred gravity, leading to extraordinary precision and signal-to-noise ratio.

As you may have noticed, the gorgeous platter on SL-1000R alone qualifies as a work of art. One dozen application-specific tungsten weights are positioned on the outer periphery of a 10mm-thick brass weight, itself laminated onto die-cast aluminum to grant the platter an inertial mass of approximately one ton/cm. Last but not least, a deadening rubber located at the bottom forms the final piece of three-layer construction that epitomizes high rigidity and excellent vibration-damping ability. When it comes to exterior construction, SL-1000R takes no shortcuts. No fewer than five layers of different materials (BMC cabinet, 30mm-thick aluminum top panel, more BMC, die-cast aluminum, 25mm-thick aluminum top panel) conspire to provide stunning rigidity. The supporting feet prove equally resolute. Each features a special silicon rubber insulator reinforced by a microcell-polymer cylindrical tube to absorb vibrations in horizontal directions. Everything gets contained in a zinc die-cast housing for even more isolation.

Naturally, on a ‘table of SL-1000R’s pedigree, the control unit remains separated from the turntable itself. A switching power supply equipped with unique technology provides voltage with minimal noise. And, to temper noise even during communication between the units, a highly reliable system that resists the effects of external noise performs to such an elevated level that, with all measures employed, SL-1000R achieves the world’s highest-level signal-to-noise ratio to date. It treats rotation speed adjustments with the same obsessiveness. Compatible with 33, 45, and 78RPM, SL-1000R permits you to tweak the speed – and see it displayed on an OLED with accuracy down to two decimal places.

Additionally, SL-1000R arrives with a luxurious tonearm and base for standard-setting tracking. Complete with OFC wiring, the 10-inch, static-balance, S-type, gimbal-suspension arm comes fully assembled and adjusted by master craftsmen, and thereby realizes high initial-motion sensitivity to precisely trace LP grooves. Furthermore, the relationship of the tonearm bearings, turntable bearings, and needle position always stays constant, adhering to SL-1000R’s theme of stability and rigidity, and leading to optimal performance. (Up to two optional tonearm bases can also be purchased, enabling the addition of an existing short or long-type tonearm.)

Rounded out by a gold-plated five-pin DIN terminal and integrated, machined aluminum housing, SL-1000R also comes with a turntable mat, 45RPM adapter, balance weight, three auxiliary weights, overhang gauge, required hardware, and dust cover. Our 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guarantee encourages you to get inspired.


Drive Method: Direct Drive
Motor: Brushless DC motor
Turntable Speeds: 33-1/3, 45 and 78 r/min
Adjust Range: ±16 %
Starting Torque: 0.39 N-m / 4.0 kg-cm (3.47 lb-in)
Wow And Flutter: 0.015 % W.R.M.S.
Rumble: 78 dB (IEC 98A weighted)
Turntable Platter:
Brass and Aluminum diecast
Diameter: 323 mm (13-5/64 inch)
Weight: Approx. 7.9 kg (17.5 lbs.) (Including Turntable Sheet)
Tonearm Type: Universal Static Balance
Effective Length:
From the tonearm pivot to the stylus: 254mm (10″)
From the tonearm pivot to the spindle: 239mm (9-13/32″)
Overhang: 15 mm (19/32″)
Tracking Error Angle:
Within 1° 48’ (at the outer groove of 30 cm (12″) record)
Within 0° 30’ (at the inner groove of 30 cm (12″) record)
Offset Angle: 21°
Arm-height Adjustment Range: 0 – 15 mm
Stylus Pressure Adjustment Range: 0 – 4 g (Direct Reading)
Head Shell Weight: Approx. 7.6 g
Applicable Cartridge Weight Range:
15.9 – 19.7 g (without auxiliary weight)
18.8 – 23.6 g (with small auxiliary weight)
22.5 – 26.3 g (with middle auxiliary weight)
26.0 – 31.0 g (with large auxiliary weight)
Audio Output: PHONO (Din Jack) x 1 *Straight Type Cable Only
Power Supply: AC 110-240 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 10 W, Approx. 0.05W Standby
Operating Temperature Range: 0° to +40° (32°F to +104°F)
Operating Humidity Range: 35 % to 80 % RH (no condensation)
Dimensions (WHD):
Main Unit: 20-29/32″ x 7-13/32″ x 15-23/32″
Control Unit: 4-11/32″ x 3-5/16″ x 13-25/32″
Main Unit: 88.7 lbs.
Control Unit: 4.7 lbs.
Accessories: Turntable, Turntable mat, EP record adaptor, Balance weight, Auxiliary weight(Small)(Middle)(Large), Overhang gauge, Screw set for turntable, Detachable handle, Hex wrench, Insulator attachment, Dust cover, AC main leads, Owner’s manual


Technics SL-1000R Turntable System